In recent years, filling job positions in Greek tourism and food service sector has become more and more difficult. As if it were not enough, investigations, analyses, controversies, symptomatic treatments, wish lists and promises, lukewarm campaigns and unplanned actions have significantly exacerbated the already grim situation and finalized the broken trust.

We know the problems in depth, and we all need a chance to break out of the vicious cycle and move forward. An open opportunity that can be exploited by those who are determined to see the future creatively and productively. initiative “Greek Tourism - Heaven for All” is here to offer such an opportunity to anyone interested. An honest, forward-looking opportunity which will give space to anyone to move forward into the future we need. An opportunity to normalize working dissatisfaction and substantially rebuild a climate of trust and understanding in the Greek tourism working environment.

The idea was conceived by us ( team) while seeking for the best future for our market. Realizing that it is beyond us, we sought support from the Skywalker Think Tank, which consists of personalities from our socio-economic life, education, entrepreneurship, human resource management, volunteering, rural economy and social entrepreneurship. The following (listed in alphabetical order by last name) responded to the call:

Maria Georgala, MSc Communication & Information, Career Development Facilitator, Business Mentor, Content Creator

Giannis Kotis, Executive Master Coach, Member of Center of Volunteer Managers of Greece (ΚΕΜΕΛ)

Dimitrios Michailidis, Journalist @ «ΑγροΝέα», Writer

Nancy Papalexandri, Professor Emeritus of Human Resources Management at the Department of Management Science and Marketing of Athens University of Economics and Business

Evgenia Petridou, Professor Emeritus of Management at the School of Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Moschos Polysiou, Professor Inorganic - Organic Chemistry Analysis of Agricultural University of Athens

Antonis Ekonomou, Project Manager of Innovathens Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Technopolis of the City of Athens, Electrical Engineer of National Technical University of Athens

who, together with our executives:

Dora Grigoriou, Customer Service Director,

Elissavet Kalarouti, Event and Broadcast Director,

Ioanna Michou, Human Resources Director,

Alexia Foukidou, Regional Cohesion Manager,

Dimitris Fyndanis, Business Continuity Manager,

Sotiris Chatziioannidis, Commercial Director,

prepared the final text, with the special contribution of Ms. Maria Georgala and Mr. Dimitris Michailidis. All of the above are members of an informal committee that will monitor the progress of the initiative and suggest improvements and corrections.

This journey is getting under way and, if there is a reason, a conference will be held shortly. Institutions and bodies will be invited to take a stand. We believe in this initiative and invite you to support our optimistic approach by signing or at least keep informed of our progress on